Best Jobs for people who love to travel

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If you are someone who loves to travel, then it’s only fair that you look for travel jobs. And the best jobs of this kind are those that give you the opportunity to earn money while traveling.

See, traveling can be an expensive hobby. You need money to maintain it. There are some people who already have lots of money set aside for this. But if you are the kind of person that can’t just quit their normal 9 to 5 job that ties you down, then it’s time you made money while on the go. And the best way to go about this is to find a job that allows you to travel.

Listed below are a few jobs you could consider doing that will give you the much needed independence to enjoy the world.

Digital Nomad

woman working on computerThese are jobs like freelance writing, travel blogging, social media jobs and typically any other work from home jobs that only require you to have a computer and internet. Some of these jobs, especially blogging might not bring money from the onset. But when you start getting traffic to your blog, companies will pay to advertise on your blog.

Cruise line travel jobs

If you manage to land yourself such a job, you will be living your travel dream.  Add free food and accommodation. What more can one ask for? Some of the jobs include working at the cruise ship restaurant, being an entertainer on a cruise ship, even clerical jobs.

The thing is: You are on a cruise ship. Cruising the world becomes your everyday lifestyle.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendant safety demoThis is one of the most exciting travel jobs. If you are lucky to get a job as a flight attendant in an international airline company, you will have killed two birds with one stone. First, there is the traveling to various countries. Then there is the meeting of new people.

Most of the flights do not come back immediately. So you might have to spend a night or two at the country you have traveled to.  This gives you time to explore

Event organizer or coordinator

Whether its parties, weddings or bigger things like organizing performances for musicians, this kind of job will definitely allow you to travel. The thing with events organizing is they could be anywhere. So you will have to travel to the destination where the event will take place in order to coordinate with vendors and other suppliers.