So at the age of 38, I bought a Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch age

Yes, that’s true that at the age of 38, I bought a Nintendo switch.

I am someone who usually gets very little time to refresh my mind, hectic work schedule and family responsibilities make it really difficult for me to enjoy my short breaks.

Why do I choose to play games in my free time?

You might be wondering, I could choose some other stuff to refresh my self, why game?

  • I spend most of my teenage while playing video games and Mario has always been one of my favorite.
  • Games works as a great stress buster for me.
  • Games play a big role in improving cognitive functions.
  • Particular games may help in improving awareness, mental clarity, and memory.

Basically, there was no practical reason to not play video games in my free time.

Why Nintendo Switch?

Simple and fast

The major reason behind choosing Nintendo switch is their simple and fast interface. Console turns on instantly which turn out to be great for short interval refreshment.

While the Xbox One and PS4 feel distinct like computers and they consume large space, Nintendo Switch has proven itself to be a compact and hassle-free solution.

The Switch has the best line-up of games.

Not just the compact console, Nintendo switches got their main recognition because of the best line-up of games.

Although it does not contain powerful processor like its competitors, Switch concurred market with the explosive games that were a developer as per the device requirements.

Nintendo is focusing more on game design.

Frankly speaking, I was not looking for a gaming device that will require a lot of things to set up before I actually play a game, I was looking for an indie style video game device that is more focused in the game design.

The Switch isn’t as powerful as the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4; both the competitors are offering 4K gaming but Nintendo focused on the game design and user satisfaction.

It’s affordable.

Money is always the most important factor for most of the people, you can own the latest model of brand new Nintendo Switch well within $300.

$300 for a personal entertainment doesn’t really sound unworthy.

So am I really happy with the purchase.

If you are a hardcore gamer then this might not be the best suitable for you, a gaming console is quite smaller as compared to competitors, but if you are looking for a fast and portable alternative then this can be the best buy for you. Overall, I am very satisfied with the whole device the quality of games that Nintendo is offering.

Tips to help you when attempting to write an impressive resume

Write an impressive resume

Creating a good resume is one of the most important parts of getting hired, its more than a document, its one-of-a-kind marketing communication to sell yourself. A good resume can get you hired in no time and it’s really crucial to learn the art of creating an attractive resume.

Let’s discuss important tips to write an impressive resume.


One of the first things to do before you start working on your resume is to research about the job opportunity and company and then customize the content according to needs.

For example, if you are applying for the business development role, then you should first check the detailed requirement of the company and list the relevant experience.

Use template

Its a digital world, ready-made templates are available online and you are expected to do some smart work.

Your resume is the first things that your employer will see and it should look distinct. Different job profile may require different types of template, choose the best template for your work profile.

Write an impressive resume

Focus on keywords

On an average, an employer takes 6 seconds to go through your resume, his perception towards you depends on how wisely you highlighted the required keywords.

With the right placement of required skills, you should be able to make your resume look promising.

Online presence

This is one thing that most of the employers are doing these days, they are checking the online presence of the candidate and checking the general activities.

Make sure you have updated your information on the social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Restrict yourself from posting any kind of racial or offensive posts, those posts may affect your selection process.

Stand out

This is something that the only handful of people do, but it really makes the difference.

They get creative with their resume, some have their own website which contains their detailed portfolio, their resume contains bar graphs that give a better display of their skills.

Some of the best resumes are the one where candidate demonstrate a classic piece of work, they do their research about the company and processed and then convince the employer on “how can you benefit the company”.


Awareness of depression and how you can help a depressed friend

depressed person

Depression awareness is something that all people need to address. The thing is, people normally confuse it with mood swings. However, it is an underlying mental problem that pegs a lot of people. The problem is, most people never know they are suffering from depression until its too late. And by too late, I mean when they get suicidal.

What is depression?

Are you sad all the time? Are you highly irritable? Do you feel like life has no meaning?

Depression is basically a mood disorder. However, it’s much more than just a mere mood thing. The way to really differentiate between mere moods and the mental illness is constant sadness and loss of interest in things that you used to love. Basically, most people with depression withdraw themselves from the world they were used to.

Signs to look out for depression awareness

The way to know whether its depression or just mere mood swings is that you find yourself not even doing the normal things like working. Most people who are depressed resort to substance abuse just to numb the pain and run away from their lives.

Here are a few signs to watch out for…

  • Crying over any small thing
  • Feeling empty and hopeless
  • Dumping your hobbies
  • Insomnia or too much sleeping
  • Substance abuse
  • Low energy to perform little tasks
  • Suicidal thoughts

These are just but a few things to watch out for.

The importance of addressing depression with friends who you may believe are suffering from the disease

Normally, people with depression rarely reach out because they feel its embarrassing. It is usually because they don’t want to be judged over whatever it is they are going through. The one thing is that talking helps. If you feel your friend has withdrawn, reach out to them and ask them if they are ok before you get a call that they committed suicide or attempted to. Give them the time and space to rant. Trust me, ranting helps.

One thing everyone needs to know is that if the blues feel a little too much, then its time to seek help! That’s depression awareness!


Why The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is The Best Budget Mobile On The Market

budget mobile

Samsung has been a market leader in the production of smartphones and it hasn’t earned this badge because of some shitty and unreliable models but because of its high performance. Galaxy S5 is one of the most promising flagship models at the time it was launched in 2014 and it doesn’t really have many competitors to give it a tough fight.

budget mobile

It’s 2018 and for me Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a great buy with ample of high-end reliable features at lower price. Samsung S5 has been a model that dominated the premium phone market with its premium features but now Samsung has introduced S6, S7, and S8 as well. Let’s discuss why is it still worthy to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • The time when Galaxy S6 was introduced for the first time, it was priced around £560 and now you can buy it at a price of around £170. Samsung S5 has not gone obsolete, but it emerged as a great solution for the low budget mobile phone.
  • You get the brand reliability with this phone that you won’t get with any Chinese phone.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 is loaded with a strong battery that enables the phone to last longer.
  • Not many budget mobiles are made water resistant, but S5 is water resistant and comes with an additional card slot for extended memory.
  • A common misconception that most of the people have is S6 has gone obsolete, but it’s certainly not true. Samsung has been updating the phone to match up today’s requirements. You will be able to see smart lock system in the phone, Android version is also updated and the phone is compatible up to Android Lollypop.
  • An initial version of S6 had nonresponsive fingerprint scanner but some upgradations made the finger scanner very efficiently.

So is it worth to buy Samsung Galaxy S6?

If you are someone who prefers brand over features then it’s a definite yes, S6 has proven itself as a reliable budget phone with incredible battery, camera, a screen with all the required features of a smartphone.

I am scared of flying and this always helps

fear of flying

I am scared of flying. Every time I realize I have to travel, it scares the crap out of me.

How to cope with a fear of flying

A little turbulence can be something that can make one be scared. Now, there is a lot of advice that pilots usually give for coping with being scared. However, a little turbulence is normal and harmless. Below are some of the tips that I use severally when I am scared of flying that have helped me.

1. Travel as comfortable as you can

One thing to feel easy about flying is to make yourself be comfortable. It should all begin with wearing comfortable clothing like tracksuit pants and warm cozy socks. Clothes that are not comfortable will make you more uneasy.

2. Understand that turbulence is just a part of flying

pane on airTurbulence is one unavoidable part of flying. So I started drumming that in my head. I started packing myself with some facts about flying. And these days I have learned to stop worrying myself when it happens. I used to do a little breathing exercises to help out.

3. Informing the air stewardesses that I am scared of flying

This really helps me out because I am usually aware that there is someone who is aware of it. That helps me be more at ease during the entire journey.

4. I tire myself before the flight

I have realized that when I am tired when I get on the flight, I am either busy fighting against tiredness or busy sleeping through my fear.

5. I avoid alcohol fizzy drinks before and during the flight

beer on planeDehydration makes people more light-headed. And this can add more to your fear of flying which will make you feel more nervous. If you have to take a drink, take water instead.

One thing you need to do is to imagine yourself enjoying the whole ride. Focus on the calmer passages. Ask those people who are more confident about flying to tell you about their positive experiences.  Get a book, enjoy a movie or have a conversation with a fellow passenger until you land safely.


Best Jobs for people who love to travel

job search

If you are someone who loves to travel, then it’s only fair that you look for travel jobs. And the best jobs of this kind are those that give you the opportunity to earn money while traveling.

See, traveling can be an expensive hobby. You need money to maintain it. There are some people who already have lots of money set aside for this. But if you are the kind of person that can’t just quit their normal 9 to 5 job that ties you down, then it’s time you made money while on the go. And the best way to go about this is to find a job that allows you to travel.

Listed below are a few jobs you could consider doing that will give you the much needed independence to enjoy the world.

Digital Nomad

woman working on computerThese are jobs like freelance writing, travel blogging, social media jobs and typically any other work from home jobs that only require you to have a computer and internet. Some of these jobs, especially blogging might not bring money from the onset. But when you start getting traffic to your blog, companies will pay to advertise on your blog.

Cruise line travel jobs

If you manage to land yourself such a job, you will be living your travel dream.  Add free food and accommodation. What more can one ask for? Some of the jobs include working at the cruise ship restaurant, being an entertainer on a cruise ship, even clerical jobs.

The thing is: You are on a cruise ship. Cruising the world becomes your everyday lifestyle.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendant safety demoThis is one of the most exciting travel jobs. If you are lucky to get a job as a flight attendant in an international airline company, you will have killed two birds with one stone. First, there is the traveling to various countries. Then there is the meeting of new people.

Most of the flights do not come back immediately. So you might have to spend a night or two at the country you have traveled to.  This gives you time to explore

Event organizer or coordinator

Whether its parties, weddings or bigger things like organizing performances for musicians, this kind of job will definitely allow you to travel. The thing with events organizing is they could be anywhere. So you will have to travel to the destination where the event will take place in order to coordinate with vendors and other suppliers.


Workout plans for beginners

There are very many workout tips for beginners to implement. Fitness is a journey. The plan is to do it right. The first steps need to be positive in order for your progress to yield positive results. You don’t want to begin a workout that bores and tires you midway.

Here are 4 tips that every beginner should try to follow…

1. Start off with a daily working out routine.

The key here is to create a fitness habit. Whatever routine you decide on, you gotta stick to it. Working out once a week won’t cut it.

Start with simple daily workouts. According to experts, the way to make something into a habit is to do it daily for 3 weeks on a daily basis. Be consistent so that the habit sticks.

After that, you can increase the intensity and reduce the number of times to 4 times a week.

2. Best work out tips for beginners: Start small

group of joggersAs a beginner, one thing most fitness experts recommend is to start by doing cardio exercises every day. These include walking, jogging, aerobics, jumping rope, swimming, the treadmill among others. Do these for at least 30 minutes daily. This will help you burn the fat.

Remember to incorporate some strength training like doing push-ups or lifting weights at least twice a week. The goal here is to work out the whole body by burning fat and also building some muscles.

3. Do not just stick to the same exercise routine.

You might find yourself stuck on the treadmill. This is something that most beginners have a weakness for. They get stuck doing the same exercise routine at the same time and same duration. Then before long, boredom checks in.

Just like everything else in your life, when something becomes repetitive, it gets old. And then you find yourself forgetting the whole thing altogether.

The thing is, as your workout gets easier, it means its time to put in more work. Do more challenging stuff. Mix up your routine both in terms of intensity and workouts. That way you will be doing your body some justice.

4. Always finish every rep

Starting out workouts can be quite hard for someone who is not used to exercising. So one of the most important workout tips for beginners is always to finish every rep.

woman lifting weightsIf you want to be successful with your workout routine then sets and reps matter. If you are doing lifts, for instance, make sure when you lift, you also put down the weights with control. Don’t just drop the weights. The lowering is just as important for your workout as the lifting.

If it is sit-ups you are doing, do the same too. Don’t just do things halfway then give up because of the pain. When it comes to working out, “NO PAIN NO GAIN” is the mantra!

These tips may seem like they are common sense. But you will be shocked at the massive number of people that don’t follow them. They are simple tips. But if you apply them, you will have success.


Have you lost yourself after a break-up? These tips will help you!

woman tearing photo

There are a lot of things to do after a break up that can actually help with the healing process and moving on. I know you may have lost yourself after losing love. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all is lost. A breakup shouldn’t mean a death sentence. You need to dust yourself up and move on.

Yes, there is going to be a grieving period. You will need that. Allow yourself to feel the pain. Cry if you have to. Don’t pretend to be a badass. The only way you can speed up the healing process is by letting yourself feel the hurt and accept that its over. Then you can start moving on.

So what are some of the things to do after a break up to help you find yourself once again?

1. Pamper yourself

Now that the grieving is out of the way, it’s about time you took care of yourself. And what better way to do this than taking care of yourself? Plus, you gotta get ready to impress the next guy or girl with your killer looks, right?

Visit the spa. Get a new haircut. Get a makeover. Just do things that make you look beautiful. Go crazy and try a new look. It will pay off. Trust me.

2. Go out with friends

Surrounding yourself with fun friends can really assist you. Go out and have fun. Go dancing. Invite them to some gossip moments for all time sake. Ultimately, let yourself lose and have fun!

3. Take time off and travel

Sometimes its just great to get up and go. Find a travel agency and see what singles events they are organizing. You might not be ready to date but sometimes, going away and hanging out with other singles is a great way of finding yourself.

4. Let online dating be part of the things to do after a break up

Dating websites really help. You get to meet new people there. The good thing about online dating is that you can just be there to make friends. Plus, if you have been in a long-term relationship, dating sites can provide the perfect platform to get yourself back in the game.

5. Hit the gym

Exercise can be very relaxing for the mind, body, and soul. It will be like killing two birds with one stone. First, your body is becoming great as you get ready to meet a new person. Secondly, you will also be able to meet other singles there. So don’t wear those tattered clothes.

Mingle freely while there. You never know. The next guy or girl at the gym could be single and ready to mingle too. Ask them out for a coffee or something.


4 Summer Health Tips you should know!

friends having fun

So summer is coming soon and you might be wondering what summer healthy tips you can apply. The sun is out so it’s going to be quite warm. And whatever time of year it is, people have got to stay healthy, right?

Now, the beauty of summer is that it is packed with so many outdoor activities. This is the time when people hit the beach to sunbathe or have friends over for some good old barbeques and beer. So you need to dress for the occasion. And normally, we put on light clothing during summer… the bikinis, the vests, and shorts.

Below are some summer healthy tips

1. Apply sunscreen

The sun is out! And what better way to protect your bare seld than using sunscreen. Normally, people assume that sunscreen is just for white people. This is just a myth. Much as they require it more, its good for people of all colors to protect themselves against the harsh UV rays. And these rays are a major cause of skin cancer.

The most preferred sunscreen lotions or creams should be at least SPF 30. However, the best medicine is to avoid the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. However, if you really have to be out, then make sure you keep reapplying your cream or lotion after every 3 hours tops.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of water is one of the best summer healthy tips. With the sun comes sweating which leads to dehydtation. Forget those fizzy drinks. They will dehydrate you even further. The only way to hydrate is to drink lots of water.

Water is important for our organs. Plus it helps flush out toxins out of our bodies through passing urine. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Not everyone enjoys drinking plain water. So if you have to make it more palatable, you could add a piece of lemon or lime.

3. Eat summer fruits and vegetables

woman eating fruitsWe gotta love summer because of the summer fruits we get to enjoy during this season. Fruits are very healthy for us. So take advantage and enjoy these colorful fruits and vegetables. Yes, I know its a barbecue season. But always remember to add in fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Your body will thank you for it as it gets these well-deserved nutrients.

Eat them or make smoothies. However way you like it, just don’t leave them out of your diet.

4. Don’t skip breakfast

Summer is packed with lots of activities. And your body requires enough energy for the swimming and all that fun at the beach. Make sure you take breakfast full of protein and healthy carbs. You need the energy.

Skipping breakfast makes people snack more on sugars and carbs during the day. Having breakfast is one of the best summer healthy tips. When you do, you will find yourself craving unhealthy foods less and less.

I am sure you are really psyched up for summer. Remember to dress lightly and dress for whatever occasion and activities you got planned.

This complete workout will help you get back in shape

Getting back into shape after an injury can be such a journey. It can be frustrating especially if you were the kind of person who had a great body but the injury made it hard for you to keep exercising. You can’t wait to get back out there and get that body back.

There is a lot out there on the internet. However, you need to bear in mind that you had an injury. So whatever it is you choose to do, you need to start slow. Don’t go full on. Be patient with that body of yours as you might reinjure yourself.

So before you even begin, talk to your doctor about it so that he can give your an OK after he or she examines you. Make sure that the pain or any swelling is completely gone too.

4 exercises to do when getting back into shape

1. Walking or light jogging

The good thing about walking is that it is great especially for burning fat. At the same time, you get to enjoy the scenery around you as you walk. This can be very relaxing for your mind and soul.

If its a rainy day, you could go to a gym and use the treadmill or use one at home if you have one. Put on some music you love and burn that fat in a fun way. Who said workouts need to be boring.

woman on treadmill

If you want fast results, take a 20-minute brisk walks at least thrice a week. You can then build this up to some light jogging as your body gets better at it.

2. Try Zumba

Zumba is one of the greatest workouts there is. Dancing is fun. You get to sweat and burn that fat as you shake that booty. Dancing is very great because besides burning the fat, it gets you into shape. Its a total workout.

The music varies. It can be slow or fast. Depending on the injury you had, you can pick out music that works for you. Listen to your body. If it’s too fast, take it easy. If there are no Zumba classes near you, you can buy a video and do the dancing at home. How convenient is that?

3. Dumbbell Raises

You can do this even when seated. Standing is better though. You can do front dumbbell lifts or side ones. This helps with building muscles. The secret is to do 3 sets of at least 10 reps. Plus you can incorporate them into your walking routine.

4. Ab workouts

Situps. Leg ups. Crunches. Twists. Now that you have been burning that fat walking, consider shaping up those abs.

Getting back into shape should involve every part of your body. Never forget those abs.