I am scared of flying and this always helps

fear of flying

I am scared of flying. Every time I realize I have to travel, it scares the crap out of me.

How to cope with a fear of flying

A little turbulence can be something that can make one be scared. Now, there is a lot of advice that pilots usually give for coping with being scared. However, a little turbulence is normal and harmless. Below are some of the tips that I use severally when I am scared of flying that have helped me.

1. Travel as comfortable as you can

One thing to feel easy about flying is to make yourself be comfortable. It should all begin with wearing comfortable clothing like tracksuit pants and warm cozy socks. Clothes that are not comfortable will make you more uneasy.

2. Understand that turbulence is just a part of flying

pane on airTurbulence is one unavoidable part of flying. So I started drumming that in my head. I started packing myself with some facts about flying. And these days I have learned to stop worrying myself when it happens. I used to do a little breathing exercises to help out.

3. Informing the air stewardesses that I am scared of flying

This really helps me out because I am usually aware that there is someone who is aware of it. That helps me be more at ease during the entire journey.

4. I tire myself before the flight

I have realized that when I am tired when I get on the flight, I am either busy fighting against tiredness or busy sleeping through my fear.

5. I avoid alcohol fizzy drinks before and during the flight

beer on planeDehydration makes people more light-headed. And this can add more to your fear of flying which will make you feel more nervous. If you have to take a drink, take water instead.

One thing you need to do is to imagine yourself enjoying the whole ride. Focus on the calmer passages. Ask those people who are more confident about flying to tell you about their positive experiences.  Get a book, enjoy a movie or have a conversation with a fellow passenger until you land safely.