Identifying the traits of a bad friend

bad friends

Most people fail to see the traits of a bad friend because they are afraid of being alone. But if you look at things deeper, one is better off alone than having bad friends. They can suck the soul out of you because of their manipulative nature. Some people can go for years without being able to see these bad traits. Well in this article we point out some of these behaviors of bad friends.

How to identify a bad friend in order to make a cull

They only contact you when they need something

One sure way to identify a bad friend is that they only call when they need something. If for instance, you have a friend who only contacts you when they are looking for a loan then that’s a bad friend. If your friend only calls you on the weekends that they are broke just because he or she knows you will buy them drinks, then it’s time to weed them off.

They are unresponsive on social media and chat conversation

bad friend traits

Whenever you start a chat conversation with your so-called friend and they respond after months or don’t respond at all, this is one of the main traits of a bad friend.

They are unbalanced in terms of doing things you want to do

There are some friends who are very selfish. They only want to do the things that please them. It’s their plan or no plan at all. If you find yourself always sacrificing the things you like doing just to please your friend, you need to rethink that friendship. A good friend should let you enjoy the things you like and do those things with you. There needs to be a compromise.

Traits of a bad friend like not being there for you when you need them most

We all need a friend we know we can count on whenever we are in a jam. If your friend is only a friend to you when things are good and flees when you are in some kind of trouble, then it’s about time you counted your losses and moved on.