So at the age of 38, I bought a Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch age

Yes, that’s true that at the age of 38, I bought a Nintendo switch.

I am someone who usually gets very little time to refresh my mind, hectic work schedule and family responsibilities make it really difficult for me to enjoy my short breaks.

Why do I choose to play games in my free time?

You might be wondering, I could choose some other stuff to refresh my self, why game?

  • I spend most of my teenage while playing video games and Mario has always been one of my favorite.
  • Games works as a great stress buster for me.
  • Games play a big role in improving cognitive functions.
  • Particular games may help in improving awareness, mental clarity, and memory.

Basically, there was no practical reason to not play video games in my free time.

Why Nintendo Switch?

Simple and fast

The major reason behind choosing Nintendo switch is their simple and fast interface. Console turns on instantly which turn out to be great for short interval refreshment.

While the Xbox One and PS4 feel distinct like computers and they consume large space, Nintendo Switch has proven itself to be a compact and hassle-free solution.

The Switch has the best line-up of games.

Not just the compact console, Nintendo switches got their main recognition because of the best line-up of games.

Although it does not contain powerful processor like its competitors, Switch concurred market with the explosive games that were a developer as per the device requirements.

Nintendo is focusing more on game design.

Frankly speaking, I was not looking for a gaming device that will require a lot of things to set up before I actually play a game, I was looking for an indie style video game device that is more focused in the game design.

The Switch isn’t as powerful as the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4; both the competitors are offering 4K gaming but Nintendo focused on the game design and user satisfaction.

It’s affordable.

Money is always the most important factor for most of the people, you can own the latest model of brand new Nintendo Switch well within $300.

$300 for a personal entertainment doesn’t really sound unworthy.

So am I really happy with the purchase.

If you are a hardcore gamer then this might not be the best suitable for you, a gaming console is quite smaller as compared to competitors, but if you are looking for a fast and portable alternative then this can be the best buy for you. Overall, I am very satisfied with the whole device the quality of games that Nintendo is offering.