Why The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is The Best Budget Mobile On The Market

budget mobile

Samsung has been a market leader in the production of smartphones and it hasn’t earned this badge because of some shitty and unreliable models but because of its high performance. Galaxy S5 is one of the most promising flagship models at the time it was launched in 2014 and it doesn’t really have many competitors to give it a tough fight.

budget mobile

It’s 2018 and for me Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a great buy with ample of high-end reliable features at lower price. Samsung S5 has been a model that dominated the premium phone market with its premium features but now Samsung has introduced S6, S7, and S8 as well. Let’s discuss why is it still worthy to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • The time when Galaxy S6 was introduced for the first time, it was priced around £560 and now you can buy it at a price of around £170. Samsung S5 has not gone obsolete, but it emerged as a great solution for the low budget mobile phone.
  • You get the brand reliability with this phone that you won’t get with any Chinese phone.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 is loaded with a strong battery that enables the phone to last longer.
  • Not many budget mobiles are made water resistant, but S5 is water resistant and comes with an additional card slot for extended memory.
  • A common misconception that most of the people have is S6 has gone obsolete, but it’s certainly not true. Samsung has been updating the phone to match up today’s requirements. You will be able to see smart lock system in the phone, Android version is also updated and the phone is compatible up to Android Lollypop.
  • An initial version of S6 had nonresponsive fingerprint scanner but some upgradations made the finger scanner very efficiently.

So is it worth to buy Samsung Galaxy S6?

If you are someone who prefers brand over features then it’s a definite yes, S6 has proven itself as a reliable budget phone with incredible battery, camera, a screen with all the required features of a smartphone.