Workout plans for beginners

There are very many workout tips for beginners to implement. Fitness is a journey. The plan is to do it right. The first steps need to be positive in order for your progress to yield positive results. You don’t want to begin a workout that bores and tires you midway.

Here are 4 tips that every beginner should try to follow…

1. Start off with a daily working out routine.

The key here is to create a fitness habit. Whatever routine you decide on, you gotta stick to it. Working out once a week won’t cut it.

Start with simple daily workouts. According to experts, the way to make something into a habit is to do it daily for 3 weeks on a daily basis. Be consistent so that the habit sticks.

After that, you can increase the intensity and reduce the number of times to 4 times a week.

2. Best work out tips for beginners: Start small

group of joggersAs a beginner, one thing most fitness experts recommend is to start by doing cardio exercises every day. These include walking, jogging, aerobics, jumping rope, swimming, the treadmill among others. Do these for at least 30 minutes daily. This will help you burn the fat.

Remember to incorporate some strength training like doing push-ups or lifting weights at least twice a week. The goal here is to work out the whole body by burning fat and also building some muscles.

3. Do not just stick to the same exercise routine.

You might find yourself stuck on the treadmill. This is something that most beginners have a weakness for. They get stuck doing the same exercise routine at the same time and same duration. Then before long, boredom checks in.

Just like everything else in your life, when something becomes repetitive, it gets old. And then you find yourself forgetting the whole thing altogether.

The thing is, as your workout gets easier, it means its time to put in more work. Do more challenging stuff. Mix up your routine both in terms of intensity and workouts. That way you will be doing your body some justice.

4. Always finish every rep

Starting out workouts can be quite hard for someone who is not used to exercising. So one of the most important workout tips for beginners is always to finish every rep.

woman lifting weightsIf you want to be successful with your workout routine then sets and reps matter. If you are doing lifts, for instance, make sure when you lift, you also put down the weights with control. Don’t just drop the weights. The lowering is just as important for your workout as the lifting.

If it is sit-ups you are doing, do the same too. Don’t just do things halfway then give up because of the pain. When it comes to working out, “NO PAIN NO GAIN” is the mantra!

These tips may seem like they are common sense. But you will be shocked at the massive number of people that don’t follow them. They are simple tips. But if you apply them, you will have success.